• Q1:What should I need to burn blu-ray disc?
    A: You need a blu-ray burner (not DVD burner), blank blu-ray discs and a blu-ray backup software if you want to burn blu-ray movie to blank blu-ray.

  • Q2:Can I use my DVD burners to burn blu-ray?
    A: No. DVD burners can't recognize blu-ray disc, it only can be used to burn CD and DVD discs.?

  • Q3:Can I copy or burn DVD movies with Longo Blu-ray Copy?
    A: No. Longo Blu-ray Copy can only copy, backup or burn blu-ray movies, on which it has blu-ray logo,

  • Q4:Can Longo Blu-ray Copy decrypt copy protection in blu-ray movies?
    A:Yes. Longo Blu-ray Copy can remove any copy protection in blu-ray discs while copying. You don't need any third party tools.?

  • Q5:Can I compress blu ray movies to BD25 disc?
    A:No. The current version 2.02 doesn't have shrinkage function. You can only copy BD50 to BD50 or copy BD25 to BD25. We plan to add compression feature in future version.?

  • Q6:Can I copy blu-ray 3D disc with Longo Blu-ray Copy?
    A:No. The current version can't handle 3D blu-ray disc well. We'll complete and improve this function in future version.?

  • Q7:What's temporary folder mean and how to change it?
    A: Temporary folder is used to put the temporary blu-ray files on your hard drive before burning to blu-ray disc. You should choose a drive which at least has 50GB free space as the temporary folder. Longo Blu-ray Copy will automatically choose the largest drive as the temporary drive. But you may click config temporary folder of Longo Blu-ray Copy, then click the "..." button beside "Temporary directory" box to change it.?

  • Q8:Why Longo Blu-ray Copy need to access internet and how to set your anti-virus or firewall software to let it run?

    how to solve the issue about internet accessing failureSome users may be confused about the following message and don't know how to solve it.

    The message means the anti-virus or firewall software on your system blocked Longo Blu-ray Copy to access internet. Internet connection is a key requirement for Longo Blu-ray Copy. In Longo Blu-ray Copy, we use online registration and license verifying, so your system must allow it to access internet, or you will fail to find the register window. Furthermore, in order to remove the BD+ protection in blu-ray disc, Longo Blu-ray Copy should access our server to download the decryption key. But since Longo Blu-ray Copy doesn't have digital signature, so most anti-virus or firewall software will automatically blocked it without any notice. Usually you may add Longo Blu-ray Copy to the white list or trusted programs list of your anti-virus or firewall software, then you won't get the message about internet accessing failure and our program can run normally.

    If you don't know how to set your anti-virus, you may refer to the following guide. If your anti-virus isn't included in it, just email to support@longodvd.com and tell us the name, version number of your anti-virus or firewall software, then we'll give you exact instructions to set it.

  • Q9:Why I can't find the "register" window?
    Longo Blu-ray copy use online registration and verifying.
    First, ensure your computer is connected to internet.
    Second, make sure your anti-virus or firewall didn't block it. We found some anti-virus, such as Kaspersky, F-secure will block Longo Blu-ray Copy to access internet.
    The above two factors can cause the issue that you can't find the register window and can't copy any blu-ray disc. To solve this issue, you may try the following:
    1. Check the network, visit a website to see if you can open it. If yes, that means the network is OK.
    2. Add Longo Blu-ray Copy to the trusted program list of your anti-virus.?
    The temporary method is stopping the protection of your anti-virus when using Longo Blu-ray Copy..
    Don't worry, the program is completely developed by us, it won't and really doesn't include any virus.

  • Q10:Why Longo Blu-ray Copy auto set "Image recorder [ISO File]" as the destination?
    The problem happened because your blu-ray drive isn't a blu-ray burner. It can read blu-ray disc but can't burn, so Longo Blu-ray Copy auto choose "Image Recorder [ISO File]]" as the "Destination".
    This option will make you get a only .iso file on your hard drive after backup, and then you need a third party tool which is called "Virtual drive" to playback it. You may refer to copy-bluray-to-iso.html to learn how to do. And we also recommend a virtual drive software for you there.?

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