How to burn blu-ray ISO file to blank blu-Ray disc?

  • Longo Blu-ray Copy can't burn ISO file to blank BD disc directly, you need use the third-party tool to help you. Below are the detailed guides:
  • Step 1: Mount the ISO file to your virtual drive.
  • (1) Download DAEMON to your desktop and install it. And please choose "Free license" when installing.
  • (2) Reboot your computer.

    Then click "Device 0: [H:] No Media" to choose the ISO file you created by Longo Blu-ray copy.

  • Step 2: Burn with Longo Blu-ray copy. burn ISO file of bluray movie to blank BD disc with Longo Bluray Copy
  • (1) Launch Longo Blu-ray Copy. Then Longo Blu-ray copy will automatically recognize the blu-ray in your virtual drive.
  • (2) Insert blank bluray DVD into your bluray burner.
  • (3) Modify the "Disc Label" as you like.
  • (4) Click "Start" button to begin copying.
  • (5) When you get the following message, it means you have done the burning successfully.

    message of Longo Blu-ray copy successful burn Blu-Ray movies to blank Blu-Ray discs

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