How to copy main movies of blu-ray movies?

  • From V202, Longo Blu-ray Copy add supports on copying main movies of the blu-ray movies, with this copying mode, you can remove all the extras, unwanted features like menus, special bonus and trailers, specify the audiotracks and subtitle you prefer, only keeps the main content of the blu-ray movies. It will save your space and copying/burning time. If you don't have this version, please download it first.
  • Then run the latest version, insert a blu-ray movie, the program will automatically detect it and display it on the source blank.
  • You can see there are two copying mode, Full Disc (checked by default) and Main Movie, just check the option of main movie. You'll get a pop-up window asking you to choose titles, audio tracks and subtitles. Longo Blu-ray copy will list the main title which is usually the longest one by default, you don't need to change the title, while just set the Audio track and subtitles you need.
  • After that,  set the destination, and modify the disc label as you like.

  •  Finally click "Start" button to begin copying/burning, Longo Blu-ray Copy will do all the rest work quickly. After copying,  you can enjoy the movie at anytime you like.

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