How to choose proper copy mode?

Longo DVD Copy can help you copy any DVD to computer hard drive, and also burn DVDs to blank discs. Besides, at present, it provides four copy modes for you to choose:

  • Full Disc

    This mode will directly remove the copy protections, just copy the whole movie, including unwanted audios and subtitles. If you want to get exact same copy of the original DVD, you can choose this mode. And we don't compress the DVD by default to get the best quality. If you need save your disk space or burn DVDs to D5, you need to check the "Compress to D5" option before copying. 

  • Main Movie

    This mode will only copy the main movie, excluding unwanted audios and subtitles, extras. If you want to copy your DVD movie to only one 4.7GB blank DVD and get higher quality as possible, you should use this mode. Some main movies are still larger than 4.7GB, in such case, you need shrink it. Please choose "compress to D5" option before copying too. 

  • Split to 2 DVD5

    This mode will copy the beginning of main movie, menus and extras on disc 1, the rest of main movie on disc 2. If you want to copy your DVD movie to 4.7GB blank DVDs and want to keep the same quality as the original DVD, you should choose this mode.

  • Episodes

    This mode is specially designed for episodic DVDs or TV Show DVDs. On that kind of DVD, there are usually several long titles which may have the same playback time and each title refers to an episode. 

    This copy mode allows you to choose any episodes you wanted to copy at one time. Comparing with "only the main movie" mode, this copy mode is more convenient for you to burn multiple episodes to a disc, since "main movie" mode only allows you to copy one episode at one time.

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