How to copy protected DVDs?

  • Now, most DVDs have copy protections,  some has unbelieveable size, some contains fake data, so you may met read errors when copying. Longo DVD Copy has decryptered these protections and help you copy them.
  • Since Longo DVD Copy version 3.0, we added a new feature which is "automatically update anti-copy protection module", every time you open Longo DVD Copy, the new fixes for new DVDs will be automatically downloaded to your PC. But there's maybe a delay because of internet connect, or if you just upgrade to the earlier versions, there will be too many fixes to download, these factors will cause Longo DVD Copy can't use the fix for the current DVD you tried to copy, so you may fail. Then what can you do?
  • Step 1: "Check Update" to ensure all the fixes on our server have been downloaded to your PC.

    You may open Longo DVD Copy, then click icon of Longo DVD Copy program on the left Longo corner, then click "Check update" as the image on rightmenu of Longo DVD Copy software. Longo DVD Copy will automatically download all the new decrypters files on the server to your local drive. When finished, you will get "Update finished" message.

  • Step 2: Try to copy the DVD again.

    Longo DVD Copy will first check if there's a fix for the DVD you're copying, if yes, then it will use that file to hide the fake main movies or skip the fake cells.

    If you still failed on the DVD which we stated on our website that we've fixed, that mostly means the edition of your DVD isn't one of which we've known. Please just keep the DVD in your DVD drive, then click "Export bup" from the above menu, then you will get a .buz file, just save it to your desktop, and then email i to , we'll give you a fix within one business day.

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