How to burn DVDs to blank discs on mac?

  • Most movies funs have a large number of dvds, moist weather or many times operation, or your kids may scratch or damage you favorite dvds, so backup of these dvds are very valuable and  necessary. But most dvds have copy right, that forbade copying. However, Longo Mac DVD Copy help you, it can automatically fix the copy protection, and let you make perfect backups. Below is the  detailed guide of using Longo Mac DVD Copy to copy dvds.
  • Longo Mac DVD Copy supports copying dvds to your computer hard drive or burn dvds to blank discs. This guide only refers to burning dvds to blank discs. If you want to copy dvds to local disk, please refer to "How to copy dvdS to computer hard drive on mac?"
  • Launch Longo Mac DVD Copy, if you haven't install it, please download the latest version from Download page.
  • First, insert a dvd to your dvd drive, the App will automatically detect the dvd, and list it in the Source part. Please choose "Clone the dvd" from the left of Longo Mac dvd Copy. If you have only one dvd drive which is a burner, dvd Copy will first copy the dvd to hard drive. After backup, it will ask you to insert a blank disc, just do it, and Longo dvd Copy will burn the files quickly. When burning finished, you can manually delete the temp files, or uncheck the option "keep a backup" to let the app automatically delete these files.

    Longo Mac DVD Copy helps you burn dvds to blank discs.

  • Second, set the options you prefer. Especially, there is an option "Output Single Vob". There are many .VOB files in the Video_ts folder of dvd,  each is about 0.97GB, this option can join these files into one Vob file(only the main vobs of the main title).  Furthermore,  Vob file is same format with mpeg2, you can change the postfix into mpg, and directly enjoy the movies on some device like WDTV, PS3 which supports external hard drive.
  • Finally, click "Start burn dvds with Longo Mac DVD Copy" button to begin burning, Longo Mac DVD Copy burnes dvds very fast, usually only half an hour to copy a 2 hours dvd. After copying, you can enjoy the burned dvd on your dvd player or other device.

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