How to rip DVDs to iPad, iPhone or other device?  [Apr 8, 2012]

  • Many Mac users want to enjoy their favorite DVDs on the portable devices, like ipad, ipod, iphone, smart phones, htcs, but they just do not know how, actually this is very easy, you may follow the below steps? to get clear “how to put DVDs on Mac OS X”
  • All you need is a software-----Longo Mac DVD Ripper, this software is very easy to use, and its interface is very friendly too, you don’t need to read books of instructions.
  • Step 0: Download the latest version Longo Mac DVD Ripper from download page, then add the app file to your application list.
  • Import dvd Movies. the software will automatically detect the dvd . While if the dvd file you want to convert is on your hard drive, please just click the "" menu on the top left of the software to open the folder of your dvd movie, and you will find two folders in it: AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS, then select the "VIDEO_TS" folder of the dvd on your hard drive. After detect the dvd, the program will list all the real titles of the dvd , you may choose the main title (the first title of the list, always the longest one) to rip or choose them all to rip all. And you can check the "Hide Unselected Selection" option on the top to hide the unselected titles to get the interface clean.

    set the audio track, subtitles and destination for Longo Mac DVD Ripper

  • Step 2.Then you can select the proper profile (you need to learn which format your device supports first, usually mp4 is the most popular format) from the download list of the profiles on the top right.

    If you want to manually add profile for your device or adjust the exact parameter of the profile, please click the file menu on the taskbar, then choose "Configure Profile" as below picture.

    Then you will get the following window .There are many parameters on the window. You can adjust them according to your demand. Among them, the video bitrate is the key of video quality. The higher the bitrate, the better the quality but the file size is larger too. The resolution is another parameter to influence quality. The higher the resolution, the better the quality. But because the resolution of source dvd is 720*480, increasing the resolution too much will not improve the quality, but need long ripping time. The highest value we recommend is 640*480.

    adjust the profiles for Longo Mac DVD Ripper to get better quality

    Step 3. Output Settings After select the proper profile, select the suitable subtitle and audio track for the titles you need and choose the destination you want to save the output files to.

    Finally, just click the "" button to start ripping, you'll get the ripped files after a while, you can transfer them to your portable device to enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

    Longo Mac DVD Ripper starts ripping