Rip Minding the Monsters DVD to iPad on Mac [Nov 8, 2012]

Dunham’s Arguing with Myself, Spark of Insanity, A Very Special Christmas Special, and
rip Minding the Monsters to ipad on mac Controlled Chaos are among the most popular television specials and live tours worldwide. This time, Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist comedian with the dirty mouth, is headed to Comedy Central this weekend and to DVD and Blu-ray soon after. On October 7, Comedy Central will air Dunham’s fifth comedy special, “Minding the Monsters,” which will feature some of Dunham’s most popular characters in spooktacular costumes in a graveyard setting. It makes the characters seem that much more kid friendly, until Dunham pops opens the mouths of his usual off-color characters.There's plenty of beeps and use of the word "ass" in this one, so avoid the clip if you aren't ready for the color. 

>>Rip Minding the Monsters to iPad/iPhone/Kindle Fire

To rip this DVD Minding the Monsters to other format, then enjoy it duaring the waiting time, just use Longo Mac DVD Ripper with below steps:

1) run the latest version of Longo Mac DVD Ripper. And insert the DVD Minding the Monsters into your DVD Drive.

2) choose the corresponding profile with your device.

3) set the target to save the ripped files.

4) click rip button to start ripping.

After ripping, you can enjoy Marvel's The Avengers on your computer hard drive or transfer the ripped files to your ipad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 or other device to enjoy it there.

While for windows users, you can use our windows version Longo DVD Ripper, the progress are nearly the same.

>>Copy Minding the Monsters

And if you want to make a copy for this dvd to protect it from scratch or damage, just use Longo Mac DVD Copy ( For windows users, please try Longo DVD Copy ) with the below steps:

1) Insert the DVD into your drive

2) Choose the target(to hard drive, or burn to blank discs)

3) Select proper copy mode, main movie mode or the full disc mode

4) Start copying.

If you failed to rip Marvel's The Avengers, maybe it's a new edition we haven't met, there are already 8 editions we just fixed, please keep the DVD in your drive, then choose "Export Ifo files ..." from the File menu to export the IFO files of the dvd. Then send the exported file to We'll attempt to fix it as soon as possible.