How to copy Minding the Monsters? [Oct 10, 2012]

Jeff Dunham’s Arguing with Myself, Spark of Insanity, A Very Special Christmas Special, and
copy Minding the MonstersControlled Chaos are among the most popular television specials and live tours worldwide.

This time, he arrives at Comedy Central this weekend, and DVD and Blu-ray version will be after soon. On October 7, Comedy Central will air Dunham’s fifth comedy special, “Minding the Monsters,” which will feature some of Dunham’s most popular characters in spooktacular costumes in a graveyard setting.

If you want to make a copy for Minding the Monsters to protect this precious DVD, Longo DVD Copy can help you easily, below are the exact guide. 

1), download the latest version of Longo DVD Copy 4.02.

2), run Longo DVD Copy, and insert the DVD Minding the Monsters to your DVD Dirve.

3), set target to save the copied files.

You can choose to hard drive to copy Marvel's The Avengers to your hard drirve, or use default setting to burn Marvel's The Avengers to your blank discs.

4), choose proper copy mode and select whether to compress.

5), click start button to copy Minding the Monsters

While for Mac users, you can use our mac version Longo Mac DVD Copy .