How to rip DVDs to Google Nexus 7

Tablet computer becomes more and more popular, it's smaller and lighter to take, compared with notebook and computers. While bigger screen and easier to operate compared to phones. Most companies released or are going to release tablet computer, such as iPad from Apple, Kindle Fire from Amzon, even Microsoft are planing to releas its own tablet computer though it may deeply hurt its large amount of agents.

Google released its tablet computer Nexus 7 this year. Nexus 7 used the latest sy Android, 4.1, codenamed Jelly Bean. Longo DVD Ripper rip DVDs to Nexus 7

Main features of Nexus 7:

  • 7-inch LED backlit 1280×800@60Hz 18-bit pixel IPS display (Hydis HV070WX2) fused to Corning scratch-resistant glass
  • 1.3 GHz Quad-core (plus one “companion” core) Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with a 12-core graphics chip (T30L – 4 x Cortex A9 SoC)
  • 1 GB DDR3 RAM (Hynix HTC2G83CFR)

To get more information about Nexus 7, you can go to .

While same with iPad, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 can't support DVD files, if you want to enjoy movies there, you need to rip DVDs to Nexus 7 first. The common video that Nexus 7 support is mp4, Longo DVD Ripper can help you decrypte DVDs and rip DVDs to mp4 easily, you may follow the below steps:

First, download the latest Longo DVD Ripper 2.02

Second, run Longo DVD Ripper, insert a DVD in to your DVD Drive.

Longo DVD Ripper will auto detect the DVD, and list all its real titles in the title list, just choose the longest title(which is the main movie), and choose the subtitles and audio track you need.

Third, output setting.

Directly choose the Nexus 7 profile from the profile list, then set the target to save the ripped fiels.

Finally, start ripping.

Longo DVD Ripper will fix the copy protections of DVDs and rip the DVD to Nexus 7 quickly. After ripping, just transfer the video files to your Nexus 7 and enjoy the movies there anytime you prefer.

While if you are Mac users, you can use our mac version ripper---Longo Mac DVD Ripper to rip DVDs to Nexus 7 too. 

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