how to copy Marvel's The Avengers [Aug 29, 2012]

After long time waiting,  Marvel's The Avengers is on show now, we can't help thinking how it will be since it involved so many famous chacters,  Iron Man,Captain America, the Hulk, and Thor. How grand The Avengers it is, while can they rescue the earth again?

As other popular DVD like The Hunger Games, this DVD also has copy protections, so you can't directly copy Marvel's The Avengers to make a perfect copy to protect the original DVD. However, we Longo DVD Copy get the DVD at the first time, and decrypter all the copy protections of it, and let you make a copy of Marvel's The Avengers easily. Just follow the below steps.

First, download the latest version of Longo DVD Copy 4.02.

Second, run Longo DVD Copy, and insert the DVD Marvel's The Avengers to your DVD Dirve.

Longo DVD Copy will detect the DVD quickly, and display its name in the source part, you don't need to mannaully choose files.


Third, set target to save the copied files.

You can choose to hard drive to copy Marvel's The Avengers to your hard drirve, or use default setting to burn Marvel's The Avengers to your blank discs.


Then, choose proper copy mode and select whether to compress.

a, Full Disc mode makes exact same copy of Marvel's The Avengers, only removed the copy protections.

b, Main Movie mode, only copy the main content by removing the extras and unwanted subtitles, audio tracks. It will save your time and space, we suggest users to use this mode.

c, Episodes mode, allows you to choose any episoders to copy

d, Split D9 to 2 D5, helps you to split a 8.5Gb movie into two to burn to D5 discs.


Finally, click start button to copy Marvel's The Avengers. Longo DVD Copy will finsih copying in less than half an hour. Then you can enjoy the copied discs on your home DVD player at any time.


While for Mac users, you can use our mac version Longo Mac DVD Copy,  the process is silimar, you may try it.