How to copy A Thousand Words DVD? [Jun 27, 2012]

    • Jack McCall, played by Eddie Murphy, finds an unusual tree in his yard after an encounter with a spiritual guru. After discovering that with each word he speaks, a leaf drops off of the tree, Jack refuses to speak at all, as doing so will keep the tree, and him, alive. However, his work, marriage, and friendships are all affected by his choice. Can Jack figure out an alternative method of survival? Or will he simply have to live the rest of his life to the fullest?
    • To get the result, just go to cinema to enjoy A Thousand Words there. While the DVD editions have already been released. As usual, we fixed the copy protections of it at the first time, you can rent the DVD, then us Longo DVD Copy to copy A Thousand Words to your computer hard drive, or burn to blank discs to make a perfect copy, so you don't need to worry about any damage or scratch to this original DVD.
    • To copy A Thousand Words to hard drive or burn A Thousand Words to blank discs, please follow the below steps:
  • First, please download the latest version of Longo DVD Copy from download page, install it over the old one(close the old version first).
  • Second, close all other decrypters like AnyDVD, DVD43, Longo DVD Copy can automatically decrypte DVD A Thousand Wordsl, further more, these decrypters may even conflict with our soft.
  • Third, run Longo DVD Copy. Insert A Thousand Words DVD  into your DVD drive, our DVD Copy will detect the DVD automatically, and list DVD name in the source part. You just need to choose the target, and the proper copy mode, you may go to "How to choose proper copy mode" to learn how.
  • Finally, click start button to begin copy A Thousand Words DVD, Longo DVD Copy will backup it for you quickly. Then you can enjoy the movies on your computer or on your home DVD player anytime you prefer.
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