Adjust the profile to get best quality

  • Longo DVD Ripper allows users to adjust profiles to get best quality, you may follow the below guides.
  • 1,Launch Longo DVD Ripper

    If you haven't install it, please download the latest version from Download page.

  • 2.Go to Profile Editor window

    There are two ways to open a Profile Editor window

    a, you can click the "Options" menu and choose "Profile Editor"

    b, click the "Config" button beside the profile

    Then you will get the below window.

  • 3. Set proper parameters for new profile.

    There are many parameters on the window. You can adjust them according to your demand. Among them

    a. The Video Bitrate

    This is the key of video quality. The higher the bitrate, the better the quality but the file size is larger too.

    b. The resolution

    This is another parameter to influence quality. The higher the resolution, the better the quality. But because the resolution of source DVD is 720*480(wide screen) and 720*576(full screen), increasing the resolution too much will not improve the quality. The highest value we recommend is same with the original DVD.

  • 5.Finally, try the profile and consider whether proper for you

    Choose a short title to rip with the adjusted profile to see if you are satisfied with the quality, if not, adjust it again unitll you are satisfied.

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