Create new profiles for your new device

  • New devices are more and more popular,  each year, many devices are published. To enjoy DVDs or movies on these device make life much more colorful and easier. But different device usually has different parameters, do we need many rippers to rip DVDs  for each device? One ripper for iPad, one DVD Ripper for iPod, one DVD Ripper for iPhone~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Just image how terrible that will be. While Longo DVD Ripper allows users to manually create profiles and adjust them, so one DVD Riper in hand, you can use it for all your devices. You may follow the below steps to learn how.
  • 1,Launch Longo DVD Ripper

    If you haven't install it, please download the latest version from Download page.

  • 2.Go to Profile Editor window

    There are two ways to open a Profile Editor window

    a, you can click the "Options" menu and choose "Profile Editor"

    b, click the "Config" button beside the profile

    Then you will get the below window.

  • 3. Add/delete a new profile.

    Just click "+" or "-" to create a new profile or delete a existed profile.

  • 4. Set proper parameters for new profile.

    Before enter the parameters of the profile, please first make sure the following parameters

    a, Format of files your device support,  at present, mp4 is the most popular format

    b, the frame rate, this is very import,  you may get it from the web of your products or specifications.

    c, the resolution, the video bitrate, the audio bitrate, and the codec.

  • 5.Finally, try the profile and adjust it

    you may use the new profile you just created to have a try and do further settings to get best quality. Once you get the proper profiles, just click go to start ripping DVDs to enjoy your favouite movies.

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